One Piece Induction Innerseals

There's a Selig Induction Innerseal just right for every application.

Uni-Gard one-piece Induction innerseals are regarded in the industry to have the largest operating window. This large operating window delivers positive production benefits ranging from higher operating speeds, flexibility to run at wider operating parameters and brings greater packaging confidence.

Uni-Gard lining materials deliver consistent and reliable induction sealing to an extensive range of container materials.

Whether you use a peelable or a welded Uni-Gard one-piece liner, both products can have a customer specific random print bringing differentiation to the product and added value to your packaging.

Uni-Gard peelable induction seal liners form a strong peelable bond with container. These liners provide a clean peel when removed and cannot be resealed. This provides a high degree of tamper evidence.

Uni-Gard weld induction seal liners form a fused bond with the container. These liners must be cut or pierced for removal and leave an aluminum residue on the container land area which provides a high degree of tamper evidence.

Under correct operating conditions induction seals will deliver hermetic seals every time. This ensures extended product freshness and integrity against leaks for clean and attractive retail displays. Leaking product can present a health and safety risk, especially if the contents are aggressive or harmful to the environment. Uni-Gard induction foils remove that risk.

Uni-Gard lining materials are easy to insert into the closure, either being inserted behind the thread or a retention feature. Uni-Gard peelable one-piece liners can be punched with various shaped tabs to allow the consumer easy removal.

Along with providing tamper evidence, Uni-Gard materials will ensure that the pack remains intact and that the product stays 'factory fresh'.

Use the chart below for fast identification of the Selig product that's designed for your needs. Select the special feature(s) you require, and match them to the container material. There is a product specially designed for that combination.

One (1) Piece Adhesive Laminated to a Substrate

B U5 .005" Polyolefin/.0005" PET
C U10 .010" Polyolefin/.0005" PET
ONE PIECE Peelable:
Forms a strong peelable bond to container. Peeled liner cannot be satisfactorily resealed.

True Weld:
Forms a fused bond to containers. Liners must be cut or pierced for removal leaving aluminum residue on container land area.

Techincal Information

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