Our QUADRASEAL® lining materials consist of an aluminium foil/glassine membrane, polymer laminated to either a white lined folding box board or an expanded polythylene backing material.

This lining material, applied to the jar by the use of food approved adhesive, gives a permanent seal to a variety of containers, including glass.

The closure design is critical to allow QUADRASEAL® materials to function correctly. The closure must have sufficient means of retaining the lining material behind a retention bead while allowing the liner to rotate freely.

The foil membrane provides excellent barrier resistance and, after removal, the polymer faced backing material ensures that food flavour retention and shelf life is maximised and caking substantially reduced.

The foil seal protects the product from moisture and oxygen ingress as well as clearly showing evidence of spillage and tampering. The foil also retains aroma enhancers where these are used.

The polymer lamination eliminates the use of problematical wax lamination, ensuring that the liner is more stable over a far wider temperature range.

Upon removal of the closure QUADRASEAL® materials separate to leave two clean attractive surfaces ensuring no risk of debris contamination of the product.

Printed foils permit branding or differentiation of product groups. QUADRASEAL® materials are available printed as well as unprinted.

Techincal Information

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