ALPHASEAL® is Selig's range of one piece lining materials, which offers you a choice of either unbleached virgin woodpulp or folding box board, both of which conform to the stringent requirements of food approval bodies in the majority of countries.

The structure of ALPHASEAL® lining materials ensures that effective sealing can be achieved with virtually every container type, thanks to the resilient nature of our material.

A variety of facing materials can be applied to either of the unbleached virgin pulpwood or the folding box board substrates in all cases permitting cost effective sealing of most products.

The functionality of ALPHASEAL® depends on the facing materials applied to it, giving a wide choice of sealing and barrier performance. ALPHASEAL® is available as cut liners or tape, faced on one or both sides, and can be used to seal both wet and dry products.

ALPHASEAL® lining materials provide a clean and excellent solution for general purpose sealing of bottles when used to line both plastic and metal closures.

Techincal Information

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